everyone id like you to meet my good friend and Trance legend and also one of Anjunabeats most talented producers and remixer, Dan Stone :D
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If you’re an EDM or trance or rave blog please reblog this I had so much fun blogging EDC and I want to follow ALL of you tumblr ravers out there! c: please!

with pride and pleasure friend(s) :D Trance heads and EDM lovers unite under thee electric sky 

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fuuuuuuuuuuu young Armin doing this thing while he was young 

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a video i think everyone should see, i think this proves that bigger isnt always better, but i love this event all the same :D EDC from 1999 till now 

Electric Daisy Carnival over the years (1999 - 2011)

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ahhh these were the days 

Ferry Corsten - Fire LIVE @ EDC 2006

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everyone id like you guys to meet my good friend Agustin Servente from Heatbeat :D this guy plays music of the Trance gods XD this is my very firt time meeting an Argentinien before and i couldnt have asked for a better first timer then him, hopefully your partner can make it next time compa

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ASOT 550 Los Angeles Video Report

Take us back <3

looks amazing<3

omgg :’) still cant believe I got to be a part of this <3

omfg and not only was i there and turned 25 on that day, but after i got to interview and meet and greet the man, the legend him self Armin Van Buuren and to have him congraulate me on turning 25 and get a pic with him has to be thee most epic birthday present of them all :D now get ready Ultraaaa to enjoy ASOT 550 in Miamiiiiiiiii 

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if you want a relationship with me, you must love edm as much as me. if not, more.

seriously, i second that motion greatly, and if u love Trance, ahhhh your defiantly a keeper :D  

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my second picture with Armin, haha it looks like hes gonna take off and fly away xD the lighting was bad, he was to be the best birthday present of them all i got yesterday :D  

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so official

and i got to interview him and get a pic with him :D 

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Omg whenever he came on screen I would go batshit crazy! ;)

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Armin van Buuren @ ASOT550 Beyond Wonderland

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