omfg yesssss, i was just talking about this with someone not to long ago, i miss the days of 2008 when Pharoahs was open and events went down there all the time, those were the days, i miss 2008 especially EDC and Nocturnal and this place, had some great epic times here and created memories that are gonna last life times, i went to the last event here as well, Paradise Island, never regretted it ever, speaking of which i hear theres a rumor that the owner is gonna try to reopen it up again, i hope so, the best event i had here was Love Groove 2009 

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If you’re an EDM or trance or rave blog please reblog this I had so much fun blogging EDC and I want to follow ALL of you tumblr ravers out there! c: please!

with pride and pleasure friend(s) :D Trance heads and EDM lovers unite under thee electric sky 

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a video i think everyone should see, i think this proves that bigger isnt always better, but i love this event all the same :D EDC from 1999 till now 

Electric Daisy Carnival over the years (1999 - 2011)

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ahhh these were the days 

Ferry Corsten - Fire LIVE @ EDC 2006

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ASOT 550 Los Angeles Video Report

Take us back <3

looks amazing<3

omgg :’) still cant believe I got to be a part of this <3

omfg and not only was i there and turned 25 on that day, but after i got to interview and meet and greet the man, the legend him self Armin Van Buuren and to have him congraulate me on turning 25 and get a pic with him has to be thee most epic birthday present of them all :D now get ready Ultraaaa to enjoy ASOT 550 in Miamiiiiiiiii 

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looks like Ultras ASOT 550 is also gonna be epic by the looks of it, i hope you guys enjoy Armin as much as we did out here in Southern CA XD :D wish i could be out there with you guys this year 

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Escape from Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland down, Nocturnal Wonderland and White Wonderland to go XD 

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Omg whenever he came on screen I would go batshit crazy! ;)

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Armin van Buuren @ ASOT550 Beyond Wonderland

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Gareth Emery—-Concrete Angel <3

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Part 2 of Sanctuary

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Gareth Emery—-Sanctuary

the crowd singing in using still gives me chills!!

all together we sang, this is what Trance music is supposed to do.

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