If you’re an EDM or trance or rave blog please reblog this I had so much fun blogging EDC and I want to follow ALL of you tumblr ravers out there! c: please!

with pride and pleasure friend(s) :D Trance heads and EDM lovers unite under thee electric sky 

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a video i think everyone should see, i think this proves that bigger isnt always better, but i love this event all the same :D EDC from 1999 till now 

Electric Daisy Carnival over the years (1999 - 2011)

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ahhh these were the days 

Ferry Corsten - Fire LIVE @ EDC 2006

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ahhh EDC 08 send me back to the night where i found life :D

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:)<3 2012, can’t wait until we meet once again.

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we’ll go back one day.

this is the night of all nights where i found life and found what i had been searching for, a very very very long time, EDC 2008 you were the best first event ever and the LA Coliseum will be the best Venue for EDC ever, so many amazing memories and people.

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edc tickets go on sale november 1st.


nuff said. 

wtf? already? jesus insomnaic, do you think you guys can let us breathe a little more before then

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best memories here ever

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-________- the bleachers were cool though XD

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i miss this so bad </3

Me too!!!!

send me back

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