Every time I see you come to tumblr, there is always someone asking you questions haha. You are so Mr. Popular!

lolz idk why, i just lost like 12 followers in the time i didnt spend tumbling ;/ 

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"If someone really loves you, no matter how many other people they meet, their feelings for you wouldn’t change. A real lover can’t be stolen."

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"So please don’t make more promises to me
And please don’t take everything from me
And I will breathe in every word you mean
If you could please promise them to me"

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"We won’t forget it’s entrancing stare, as long as we recall it’s grip."

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"You got to gather up what you need, you got to choose a direction. And when the moment is right for you: you got to go."

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Why did you and your last gf split?

it wasnt working it, we were fighting more when we were apart, it seems we got along great when we were in person, plus she had adhd disorder so that made her mood change in the blink of an eye, i tryed my best but i couldnt do it anymore, plus she complained that i didnt make plans with her and i didnt work at the time so it was the beginning of the end 

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Omg, I love this anticipation!

all of 2008 haha 

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In case you forgot

Bet they don’t tell you about that in your textbooks…

Happy Columbus Day

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